Computer Operations:

With over 18 years working in third shift computer operations, we have extensive experience performing all of the standard operation tasks typically found in a corporate environment. From running & monitoring jobs, troubleshooting issues as they arise, to backups and printing reports, we understand the critical nature of operations and in ensuring the integrity of all systems. Although we have experience in working with various platforms, we specialize in working in an AS400 environment.

Help Desk / Technical Support:

We have 30 plus years experience working in remote help desk / technical support roles in both corporate and consumer facing environments. Technical issues can occur at anytime and they often happen at inconvenient times. As such, we are available for remote support on a 24/7 basis.

Business Development & Marketing

Like everything else, marketing and business development has evolved substantially from where it began. Understanding the nature of our online world and how consumer psychology drives every choice we make is key to keeping businesses out in front of the competition. Some think inside the box, others think outside the box. We say let’s move the box out of the way and find what’s going to work for your business. Let us help you find your company’s voice, craft a message that will resonate with your customers, and work with you to discover the most effective methods of building your customer/client base. Each business is unique and we are here to provide whatever assistance that is required. Among the services that we can provide are, but not limited to, marketing strategy creation and execution, client outreach, content creation, and trade show exhibition.


Social Media

In today’s world, social media represents the day-to-day life of any business. The ability to daily connect with customers and clients in a meaningful way takes conventional marketing to a different level. Along with the company’s website, social media is often the first impression that consumers get of a business. We can help ensure that this first impression is the best impression. We can help you establish a content strategy and maintain a consistent message that will continue to reinforce your brand’s image.


eCommerce & Online Sales

Whether starting with a small inventory of items or a warehouse of merchandise, Virtual IT Helpdesk can take your online sales to the next level. From creating and maintaining an eCommerce website to integrating sales from Amazon, eBay or other selling platforms, we can find the most effective solution to keep your sales moving forward. Having built our own eCommerce businesses, we understand the complexities of online sales and the issues that come with it.